I've searched for this topic but it seems that I'm the only one with this problem. The search for files default app allows to search only in a specific place. I would like to search, let's say, for a video in all my usb hd (4), in my home, in my video folder, sub folders, etc. at the same time. I need to see the preview of my video (or my videos sharing the same part of name). It's surprising for me that a "search in the computer" tool, largely used in other O.S., is not installed by default in Ubuntu. I'm using Ubuntu Mate 15.10. Any suggestion?


Try Catfish, it is very light and fast file searching GUI.

In the terminal do:

sudo apt-get install catfish


I tried it in the past, thanks, but it's not what I need. It forces you to make a choice on where to search like the default search app. I don't want to make a choice, I want to search everywhere in my computer, system and devices, at the same time. Is this possible in Ubuntu using a graphical interface?

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