I entered this command on my terminal:

google query to search

and it responded by saying that the program exo-utils is missing on my computer. When I tried to install it, the response was

WARNING:the packages could not be authenticated.

Can anyone tell me what exo-utils is?

  • The answers technically answer your question, but do you want is to search web from the terminal? In that case you can ddgr for DuckDuckGo (or googler if you don't care about privacy). BTW, to get more info about a package use apt show packageName. – Pablo Bianchi Jan 7 at 4:19

I googled it and found:

Exo-utils are Utility files for libexo

The package contains the Xfce settings plugin and the utility files for libexo which vary slightly based on version.

Example install of the exo-utils package on Ubuntu systems with apt:

  sudo apt-get install exo-utils
  • The question was: can anyone tell me what "Exo-utils" is? – YourNYTech Jan 8 '16 at 15:35
  • My answer was: Exo-utils are Utility files for libexo – YourNYTech Jan 8 '16 at 15:35
  • I don't know who downvoted you but you are correct with this, the downvote is likely due to formatting, or copy/paste with out a source. -1 is not == wrong. – Mark Kirby Jan 8 '16 at 15:36
  • Don't forget to format code with {} option in the tool bar of the editor :) – Mark Kirby Jan 8 '16 at 15:43

This package contains the Xfce settings plugin and the utility files for libexo-0.3-0 which are:

  • exo-csource
  • exo-desktop-item-edit
  • exo-mount
  • exo-open
  • exo-preferred-applications
  • exo-eject
  • exo-unmount

The discripton for libexo on Debian packages is

libexo is a library for Xfce that contains a bunch of additional widgets and a framework for editable toolbars (an improved version of the framework present in GNOME), light-weight session management support, functions to automatically synchronize object properties (based on GObject Binding Properties) and several miscellaneous utility and helper functions for application developers.

While Xfce ships with quite a few libraries that are primarily targeted at desktop development, libexo is targeted at application development, with a focus on applications for Xfce.

As for WARNING:the packages could not be authenticated please see this question with a good answer

None of this really matters, you can't search Google like that.

The package googlecl allows some functionality in terminal but not search, only

picasa, blogger, youtube, docs, contacts, calendar, finance parameters.

To search online from a terminal please see this question.

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