So everything is set up right at my dnsprovider. I have both my subdomain and my main domain directed to my ip. However I can't seem to get my subdomain to work with both with and without www.

If in my Apache2 configfile I use ServerName www.my.server.com then it works as www.my.server.com but not as http://my.server.com..

If I rename the server ServerName my.server.com it works the other way around. without the www that is..

However I want both www and not www to point to my subdomain. How is this achieved? Been looking all over the place for this info without result. Thanks!

  • This is because blah and www.blah are 2 totally different hostnames. You need an alias, like @LilloX beat me to. – Daniel Jan 7 '16 at 15:35

You have to use "ServerAlias" directive, so:

ServerName www.my.server.com
ServerAlias my.server.com
  • Can't believe a simple command like ServerAlias was so hard to find. Google failed me on this one but you came through. Thanks so much! – alexgilseg Jan 7 '16 at 19:46

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