In my Ubuntu, my username is "meuser". When i do crontab -e, i can setup my rules. But instead of doing it with crontab -e, how can i do it directly to a file? Which file i cant modify?


Quoting crontab's man page:

There is one file for each user's crontab under the /var/spool/cron/crontabs directory. Users are not allowed to edit the files under that directory directly to ensure that only users allowed by the system to run periodic tasks can add them, and only syntactically correct crontabs will be written there. This is enforced by having the directory writable only by the crontab group and configuring crontab command with the setgid bid set for that specific group.

So you can't directly edit this file in a script (without sudoing around the restrictions). But, what you can do is the following: Just create a crontab file somewhere in the filesystem and then use

crontab <filename>

to install it.


You need to type in sudo crontab -e in the command line. The in the editor that pops open, hit the i key to insert in the cron that you want to add. I had to do this for my feedafever.com installation on jamescampbell.us/fever and it worked great running it from my ubuntu server instance on amazon ec2.

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