hi after installed python 3.5 in ubuntu, i had 2.7.6 and i wanted to be updated cause i will be working and learning python, so i installed the latest python version 3.5 and switched version to it, i have python 2.7 & 3.5 installed but set it to 3.5 as default, after making that change and update i got this error:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:example/example -y
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/add-apt-repository", line 11, in <module>
    from softwareproperties.SoftwareProperties import SoftwareProperties, shortcut_handler
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py", line 27, in <module>
    import apt_pkg
ImportError: No module named 'apt_pkg'

at the moment is the only one i encounter besides cant remove any python version it would break the system ,any help about how to fix it? :(

$ update-alternatives --query python
Name: python
Link: /usr/bin/python
Status: manual
Best: /usr/bin/python3.5
Value: /usr/bin/python2.7
Alternative: /usr/bin/python2.7
Priority: 1
Alternative: /usr/bin/python3.5
Priority: 2

$ ls -l /usr/bin/python3.5 /usr/bin/python2.7
-rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 3754856 dic 18 09:58 /usr/bin/python3.5
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3345416 jun 22  2015 /usr/bin/python2.7
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    What version of Ubuntu are you using? How exactly did you install python 3.5, and how did you make it the default? Jan 6, 2016 at 23:16
  • 14.04 , i installed from a official ppa and then, i make it default using this instructions... bit.ly/1n55JEC (system wide)
    – Alexdmz
    Jan 6, 2016 at 23:20
  • If you used the update-alternatives method described in your link, then you should be able to set it back by running update-alternatives --config python and following the on-screen instructions to select python2.7 Jan 6, 2016 at 23:29
  • i did that, but the problem still, even if i reboot the pc
    – Alexdmz
    Jan 6, 2016 at 23:30
  • 1
    Please edit your question to include the outputs of the following commands: update-alternatives --query python, readlink -f $(which python), ls -l /usr/bin/python?.? Jan 6, 2016 at 23:35

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For Python3.5 use the command

alias python=python3.5

and for Python2.7 use

alias python=python2.7

See https://stackoverflow.com/a/56234758/52817:

If you look at /usr/bin/add-apt-repository it says

#! /usr/bin/python3

at the top. If you updated with a newer python (e.g. dist had 3.5 but you installed 3.7) your /usr/bin/python3 points to a python that does not have apt_pkg.

You can temporarily edit /usr/bin/add-apt-repository to point to

#! /usr/bin/python3.5

(insert your distro python version)

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