I have been building freerpd client for Eclipse in Ubuntu 14.04 but an error is popping up

Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE)

when I use CMake 2.8. How can I get rid of it? Help me please. Thanks in advance

  • You are either missing the cmake-data package, have managed to delete some files it contains, or Eclipse is using a different cmake than comes in Ubuntu, or is messing with the default modules path environment of cmake. – dobey Jan 5 '16 at 17:27
  • eclipse is out of question as it is not involved in building, cmake-data is already there ,is there any possiblity that i can correct it with path environment ? – Ananthu r nath Jan 5 '16 at 18:20
  • Does sudo apt-get install --reinstall pkg-config cmake-data help, in case any of their files were corrupted? – David Foerster Jan 5 '16 at 22:50


sudo apt-get install pkg-config
  • i tried that but no use – Ananthu r nath Jan 5 '16 at 17:18
  • Did you also try sudo apt-get install cmake-data like dobey suggested? – incBrain Jan 5 '16 at 17:58
  • yes , ananthu@ananthu-System-Product-Name:~/FreeRDP-masteropy$ sudo apt-get install cmake-data [sudo] password for ananthu: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done cmake-data is already the newest version. cmake-data set to manually installed. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 594 not upgraded. – Ananthu r nath Jan 5 '16 at 18:13
  • but it is not solved then also – Ananthu r nath Jan 5 '16 at 18:17

I ran into this nuts problem while compiling opencv. The problem is that CMake is not finding the pkg-config executable.

Fix like this:

1)In ubuntu terminal,

which pkg-config

You will get "usr/bin/pkg-config" if it's installed

2) Add

set(PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE "/usr/bin/pkg-config")

to your Cmake file, or in your build directory, run "cmake-gui" to add it using the GUI. Now, Cmake will find the pkg-config.

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