Pretty new to Ubuntu so excuse the novice question, but I just deleted the Wine installed Steam from Ubuntu using #wine uninstaller on terminal, but the logos did not disappear, just want to check in and make sure I didn't miss something... ps: I plan to reinstall this program later, would leaving any residual files cause any problems in the future??? I would also appreciate any tips due to my inexperience in this sort of thing... Edit: Just to clarify I want to be sure I completely delete the application, as already mentioned, I used the uninstaller to "remove" the program, the problem is that there might still be residual files as the logos did not disappear, and every time I search steam I get two entries, one being Linux steam and the other being Windows steam (which shouldn't be on my computer anymore) it doesn't open but its still there and I would like to completely remove it from my machine, thanks in advance all... :)

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    Possible duplicate of Uninstall a program installed with Wine – Mark Kirby Jan 4 '16 at 10:28
  • As for the «residual files» — if you wanna be sure that everything is removed, just create new WINEPREFIX (it is ~/.wine by default). Everything left by installer being hosted there. The reason that you see the shortcut in the directory outside of the WINEPREFIX is simply that ~/.wine/drive_c/users/yourname/Desktop is a symbolic link to ~/Desktop. As for uninstallation, I think the pointed duplicate answers it. Actually, I think that the wine uninstaller, like the Windows one, just calls app's uninstaller, so there's a possibility that it would leave something. Not sure, though. – Hi-Angel Jan 5 '16 at 10:43

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