If i do LS and see


and try to TAB complete $R

I get


clearly I am an idiot, but breaking things is how I learn :)

I deleted $RECYCLE.BIN and lost a bunch of files.

Now testdisk is recovering into


I can't CD into them to test if the file integrity which I want to do before letting it finish recovering for 20 plus hours.

Is this because the folder was originally deleted on the HD and is stored in $RHASD etc etc?

I don't expect all files to be in $RASD format, I think it is recovering files from previos deletion. IE: These files were all ready gone when I deleted $RECYCLE.BIN.

But also for prosterities sake of the internet

What does $FOLDER represent?

Note: I think this might be ntfs related? My ExtHD's are NTFS my Interal HD's are Ext4


You need to escape the $ when passing it to the ls command in the terminal, as $ is a special character used for referencing environment variables in the shell.

Running ls \$RECYCLE.BIN will list the contents of that folder, or only that file, depending on which it is. As for the $RECYCLE.BIN directory itself, it is a special directory on NTFS partitions, if you move files to Recycle Bin in Windows, they end up in that directory on the partition, until you empty the Recycle Bin.

  • Can't believe that slipped past me.... but why is test disk recovering into folders starting with $ is that because they were inside recycle bin perhaps? – FreeSoftwareServers Jan 3 '16 at 23:00
  • I can confrim that the other files are being exported in regular folders now, thanks, I am going to change the title to $Recycle.bin for others to find as its mostly an NTFS thing... Its amazing the power of sudo lol, got another 15 hours of data recovery for one sudo line – FreeSoftwareServers Jan 3 '16 at 23:24

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