Switch to another virtual desktop after unmaximizing a windows (Firefox, dconf-editor), and then return to the previous virtual desktop. Firefox becomes maximized again. How do I stop it???

I've tried setting Desktop > Unity > 'Form Factor' to desktop as suggested in Prevent Unity from auto-maximizing

I've also tried stuff from How to keep programs from launching maximized?, in particular: gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/auto_maximize_windows -t bool false

None of that works.

Please read the question before marking it as a duplicate.
Please don't suggest CCSM, this is Unity2d.

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    What version of Ubuntu are you using? Can you verify that the gconftool command worked? Log out, log in again, run gconftool -g /apps/metacity/general/auto_maximize_windows (or use gconf-editor if you prefer a GUI).
    – htorque
    Nov 5 '11 at 11:50
  • I was using Oneiric at the time, and actually had that info in the original title, but it was edited out by someone. Obviously, I've used gconf-editor and logged out/in. Nov 6 '11 at 6:53
  • Have you confirmed the setting was 'false' after you've logged back in? Just want to make sure that's working right. Also, you could try the same with a new user to confirm that it's not some issue with your user's configuration.
    – htorque
    Nov 6 '11 at 9:18
  • If I had not confirmed the settings, I would not be posting the question. The installation was a fresh one with no original user settings changed. Unity2d maximizes windows by design, not because of something the user did. Do you have a verified solution that works? If not, can you try and test them. Nov 6 '11 at 9:32
  • No, I cannot reproduce your issue. If I set 'auto_maximize_windows' to 'false', the window sizes stay untouched. :-/
    – htorque
    Nov 6 '11 at 9:52

I had exactly the problem described and setting /apps/metacity/general/auto_maximize_windows to false worked for me! (11.10 [Oneiric] with Unity2D)



gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/auto_maximize_windows -t bool false


gconftool -g /apps/metacity/general/auto_maximize_windows



and the auto-maximize stopped occuring after log out-log in. (Ubuntu 11.10 Unity2D)

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