I am running Plex on Ubuntu 15.10 in VirtualBox on Windows. I created a second virtual disk and attached it to the VM. There is no problem with it in Ubuntu as I can create folders and files. However Plex cannot see any folders or files when adding to library. It can see the drive but nothing else.

I tried changing permissions and ownership to no avail the method here: How to make folders ' seen' by PLEX did not work.

Please help me


Try this: Plex Media Manager sees external NTFS drive but doesn't see directories

Add Plex user to the plugdev group by entering "sudo gpasswd -a plex plugdev'"

right-click your external drive in the directory browser and go to properties to get its location

in the terminal enter "sudo chmod 777 "external drive location; ie media/computername"

right-click your Plex media folder on your external drive and copy the location

In the terminal enter "sudo chmod -R 777 "Plex media folder location; ie media/computername/ntfsdrivevolumename"

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    Yes that did work – Tomasz Jan 2 '16 at 1:01

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