I use Unity Desktop Environment and have multiple workspaces enabled.

Several windows are open (some are minimized to the launcher) and spread across my workspaces. Now I would like to be able to focus a window only if it's on my current workspace, otherwise nothing should happen.


  • Workspace 1: Firefox, Thunderbird
  • Workspace 2: gedit, LibreOffice Writer
  • Workspace 3: QTox

If my active workspace is 1, I want to find a way that allows me to only focus either Firefox or Thunderbird, but not to accidentally focus any window on other workspaces and automatically switch to that workspace.

I want to be able to use both mouse and keyboard to switch windows this way.
How can I do this most easily?

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This is very easy, you don't even have to set up anything!

Using the keyboard:

To switch between windows on the current workspace only, use Alt+Tab.
If you wanted to switch between windows on all workspaces instead, you would have used Ctrl+Alt+Tab instead.

Using the mouse:

Normally you would left-click on the launcher icons to focus an already opened window on any workspace.
But to only focus windows on the current workspace instead, don't click its icon with the left mouse button, but move the mouse wheel up or down when pointing at its icon with the mouse cursor.

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