I would like to set git defaults for all users on my system.

Where can I find the global system-wide configuration?

There is no such file as



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If you installed the git* package(s) from the default repositories, the system-wide Git configuration is supposed to reside in /etc/gitconfig (since $(prefix) is empty for those Git installations). See the following git-config(1) manual excerpt:


  • For writing options: write to system-wide $(prefix)/etc/gitconfig rather than the repository .git/config.

  • For reading options: read only from system-wide $(prefix)/etc/gitconfig rather than from all available files.

    See also FILES.



If not set explicitly with --file, there are four files where git config will search for configuration options:

  • $(prefix)/etc/gitconfig

    System-wide configuration file.


If there is no such file, sudo git config --system <name> <value> will create it for you. Alternatively you can create it manually with your favourite text editor. This is the same behaviour as for global (~/.gitconfig) and local ($GIT_DIR/config) Git configuration files

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