I have a lot a WebM files mixed with PNG and JPEG files in a folder.

I would like to find an image viewer (or a video player ?) that will allow me to browse through those JPEG, PNG and WebM files. It would be perfect if I could display a diaporama of all those mixed files.

Does an WebM compatible image viewer currently exist ? Or maybe a WebM greffon for the default Ubuntu image viewer ?


Since VLC can open both images and WebM videos you could use VLC.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc


  • From Files, you'll have to select all the files in the current directory, right click on one and click on "Open with VLC";
  • To be able to do the above you'l have to setup VLC so that it can open images' MIME types, otherwise "Open with VLC" won't be shown in the context menu if the selection contains both images and WebM videos.

Opening a terminal in Files' current directory and running this:

vlc *

instead works out-of-the-box.

You'll probably want to tick Tools -> Preferences -> All -> Playlist -> Play and Pause so that the images won't be played as a slideshow (this changes the default behavior; playing a specific playlist will override this settings with the playlist's setting):


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gThumb Image Viewer can be used to open webm without problems and you can install it from Ubuntu Software Centre.

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