There is a bug in Ubuntu's keyboard shortcuts that is still very much active but was reported incorrectly in gnome-terminal and was eventually marked as "Fix Released" for reasons I do not comprehend. It is this one:


It is a pretty serious bug that causes various keys and key combinations to stop working for no discernible reason.

How can I request that this is moved to whichever bug team it should belong to (who that is, I'm not quite sure -- if anyone knows, tell me)? Do I have to file a new report, or do the official people have the ability to move it? Should I cite the old report?

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The Fix Released message is probably due to comments #5 and #10, where OP says:

@Alfredo: Non-working FN-keys is not related to this issue.

Also regarding the original bug report. This issue is fixed for me since the release date.

I do not have this issue anymore since a long time. Might be fixed with 14.10.

You should file a new bug.

You could cite the old report. However, since the person who filed that doesn't have this problem any more, and since the post was rather specifically about CtrlAltT, it's not sure you have the same problem, or even that it's related. I don't see much use of linking to the old one from the new report. You could comment on the old report that you made a new bug report, so that others who subscribed are notified.

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