I am currently trying to turn off the power to one of my hard drives but am unable to via hdpram, but I have had some success using the gnome-disk-utility. I am wondering what command does gnome-disk-utility send when turning off power for hard drive ? Is there another command besides hdpram i could use from terminal to cut power to a drive?

EDIT udisksctl power-off --block-device /dev/sdc seems to work, however the drive does not stay powered off as it boots back up again becuase auto-mount must be enbled or the drive wont mount at all. .

if anyone knows of an alternative to hdpram utility I can use in Ubuntu that would be great


I believe one needs to send the drive a SCSI START STOP UNIT command to shut it down. You may have some success using the sg_start command, e.g.

sg_start --stop /dev/sdc

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