I connect to server using Nautilus via SFTP. It opens home directory and not allows to go very root catalog. If I do the same connection using FAR commander from windows I also moved top home directory, but in this case I can navigate root catalog. How do the same in Nautilus that runs in Ubuntu?

  • Are you sure it doesn't allow it? What happens if you hit Ctrl+L or select Go-->Location from the menu, and enter /? – steeldriver Dec 22 '15 at 15:27

Although nautilus doesn't seem to present an easy way (such as a .. item) to navigate up, even when 'Show Hidden Files' Ctrl+H is enabled, you should be able to navigate up provided that the configuration of the remote server does not forbid it, for example via a chroot jail.

Probably the easiest way is to open the Location bar, either from the menu (Go --> Enter Location...) or using the Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut. Then enter the desired location e.g. / by typing in the bar.

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