I am sorry as this may be a very elementary question. I'm a brand new ubuntu user and have absolutely no clue what the commands given in the following thread does. I suppose this is what I should be doing as there isn't a boot menu on startup for me to select between windows 7 and ubuntu.

After installing Ubuntu from USB, GRUB2 can't be installed!

My PC doesn't have internet connection at the moment as the LAN port is down and it will take a few weeks for me to get it fixed. When I ran the commands, it failed. Showing an output with something along the lines of:-

Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package boot-repair

Do I require an active internet connection to run the boot-repair commands as in the above linked thread?


Yes, most commands using apt-get will require connectivity.

You could use another computer, and download the LiveCD version of the tool, which you could use on your computer.

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