I would like to connect a USB Mouse, Keyboard or Storage Device to my Nexus 4. So far I know, for this USB OTG must be supported. Unfortunately I can not find any actual information about this.

Does anybody know whether USB OTG is supported by Ubuntu-Touch? If yes, does anybody know if it would work with a Nexus 4 device?


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Yes it is supported.

e.g. to mount an USB storage device with an USB-OTG cable: open the terminal and locate the name of the device with the command sudo fdisk -l, create a mount point (the directory where you access the device) with the command sudo mkdir /media/external and mount the device with sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /media/external (if the device was /dev/sda1 and formated with FAT32).

The device can now be accessed with the file-manager. When ready unmount with sudo umount /media/external

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