Versions are:

  • Ubuntu server version is 10.04

  • PHP version is 5.4.7

  • Mysql version is 5.1.69

  • Apache server version is 2.4.3

Now, I would like to update to Ubuntu 14.04 but no update PHP, Mysql and Apache. If I update, is there any compatibility issue?

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  • please check and confirm whether below versions support for Ubuntu 14.04 without any compatibility issues. PHP : 5.4.7 MySQL : 5.1.69 Apache Web Server : Apache 2.4.3 – BillGates Dec 21 '15 at 12:51
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If you already have them, do a dist-upgrade without touching those existing packages Exclude packages from `apt-get upgrade`

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Open terminal (by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T) and run this command:

sudo apt-get install tasksel

after finish run this command

sudo tasksel

then select lamp using space bar and go on the installing instructions.

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Please check this URL it will tell you how to do it and use very easy way

How To Set Up the Ubuntu 14.* Included X-Windows(xUbuntu) / MySql / PHP (Apache 2 ) In VMware


There shouldn't be a compatibility issue with Ubuntu 14.04. If you upgrade, your server software will be updated too. (If you specifically don't want to upgrade the server software, then don't upgrade Ubuntu because trying to use an older version of software with a newer Ubuntu version is always a fight against the package manager.)

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