I want to remove all of evolution since it's missed up (takes an eternity to load mails, probably need to clean up my gigant gmailbox).

So, I've done sudo apt-get purge evolution , removed my google account in my settings and then the config folders in $HOME as listed here

But even then after reinstalling evolution it still loads my email accounts as if nothing was erased.

What did I overlook?


Also, did you clean out your gmail acct, If you didn't Evolution is doing what its suposed to retreiving ALL of you mail.

As an aside, I find that the -purge option doesn't always remove everything. I occassionslly find that I need to manually remove some of the data cache files. To do so, type in the terminal 'find , as this in some, very few, cases finds cruft that wasn't removed as apt-get again only in some cases believes thatvypu still want to keep that data for later use.

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    I cleaned out my gmail (that is to say: archived everything before this year, probably i later need to set up evolution only to subscribe to my inbox). Could you explain what command i exactly need to give in terminal? I tried 'find evolution' but could not find antyting. thx – wouter205 Dec 18 '15 at 6:01

I followed this topic. After executing the gconf commands, it still showed up my other online accounts as entered in system settings. After this i removed all of the home folders and evolution finally showed up the account-wizard.

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  • Now I understand: the other online accounts (yahoo, hotmail) were configured with evolution data server to retrieve my mails. Hence the configuration wizard did not pop up. My mistake! – wouter205 Dec 18 '15 at 17:03

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