I would like to find a command line Twitter client that has at least the following features :

  • Retrieve my feed list
  • Post Tweet
  • List my notifications

Is there an application, preferably without manually using curl and the Twitter API ?


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This list is not exhaustive, there are other options out there.


This is the surviving offspring of TTYtter the first command line Twitter client to emerge (based on Perl). This is likely still the most popular of these programmes. I couldn not find an installer, but it should work simply by checking it out from GitHub and running the script.

enter image description here


A Ruby based Twitter terminal client. You need to install Ruby and configure a few things, but it is not too complicated. Interaction is made using the t command followed by a specific option. Short review and install instructions are available at Xmodulo.

enter image description here

Rainbow Stream

A Python based Twitter client with loadsa features, including image display on the console. The user interacts through a twitter specific command line. It is relatively easy to install, you can find instructions at GitHub.

enter image description here


This Twitter client is written in C and uses the ncurses library, internally working as a mail client. This one you must compile it yourself, but it should be fairly easy.

enter image description here

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