I get the following error while loading Ubuntu. White screen appears with cursor blinking.

error screen init failed for driver 0

Can someone help please?


The Ubuntu 14.04 installation media seems to not be properly configured.
Burn the Ubuntu ISO image to a DVD or create an USB installation media.

To create the media in a running Ubuntu system, use Ubuntu Disks tool.
Open Disks - select Restore Disk Image from the menu on the top right.
Choose the ISO file and the USB drive to write it to and start restoring.

To create the USB media from a running Windows system,
open command prompt as administrator and execute:

list disk  
select disk *  
create partition primary  
format fs=fat32 (quick)  
assign letter=**  

Note : * = number of USB drive | ** = select a free drive letter
Mount the Ubuntu ISO and copy the content to the USB drive.

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