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Clementine keyboard shortcuts not working

I have I keyboard with play, pause next back, stop on right of the numpad, but sometimes it does not goes to the right app.

I got my Clementine player open, a hit play (keyboard), and then banshee open from nowhere a play something.

I go in clementine settings and change to normal keyboard and it worked, but randomly or I don't know why it stop going to clementine, then I go in clementine's settings, change nothing only click "close" and the keyboard is back with clementine for a while.

Is clementine the problem or ubuntu not sending the key to the right app?

I use 11.10 (11.04 was ok but I was not using clementine so maybe its clementine)



use keytouch-editor

KeyTouch Editor should be used to create configuration files for KeyTouch, a program to configure extra function keys in multimedia keyboards, in case your keyboard is not yet supported.

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