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I formatted this two partitions of my microSD card and now I want to merge them.. How to do that?

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Unfortunately, there is no easy "one step solution" to merging partitions. Fortunately, your partition is pretty small. It'll be easy to combine the two.

  1. Mount /dev/sdc2 (the smaller partition).
  2. Copy all of its files to the Desktop or another temporary location.
  3. In GParted, delete that partition, and then extend out /dev/sdc1 to use all available free space.
  4. Mount the newly-resized /dev/sdc1 and copy all files from your desktop back to the SD card.

If the partitions are empty (or you don't care about losing what's on /dev/sdc2), you can simply delete the partition then resize /dev/sdc1 out. Note that you will lose anything on that partition.

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    I was just putting this in a comment :) It is the best solution for a small USB stick +1 – Mark Kirby Dec 13 '15 at 13:58

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