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How do I reset my Unity configuration?

I tried to activate some Compiz effect via CCSM (I think wobbly windows) and Compiz crashed and froze up the screen. So I used the Control+Alt+Backspace keystroke to force logout. Then I logged back in.

Unity wasn't there, just a (non-Unity) panel at the top with File, Edit, and the Like. I was able to pull up a terminal and launch ccsm, only to find almost all settings wiped out.

I turned everything back on that I thought should be on, but I don't know if I got everything. Also, now whenever I open up a non-maximized window, it opens up in the top left corner with the title bar behind the unity panel.

So what I need is a list of everything that needs to be on in ccsm, and a way to get windows to NOT open in the corner, preferably without having to reset Unity or Compiz.



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