I'm having some trouble with my shortcuts on Kubuntu 15.10 with usb keyboard.


Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 15.10
Release:        15.10
Codename:       wily


Show desktop grid


Meta+X to show desktop grid

Present windows

present windows shortcuts


  • Laptop keyboard

    • Meta+X: show the grid as expected;
    • Meta+A: present windows from current desktop, not as configured (should be windows from all desktops) ;
    • Meta+Q: present windows from all desktop, not as configured (should be only current desktop) ;
  • USB TypeMatrix keyboard** ;

    • Meta+X: do nothing;
    • Meta+A: present windows from all desktop as expected ;
    • Meta+Q: show the grid, not as configured (should be only current desktop) ;

N.B.: I'm also having trouble with non-meta shortcuts, Ctrl+Alt+C work on main keyboard but not on USB keyboard.


  • What is this so messed-up?

The order in which you specify your layout is relevant. Based on section (french) TypeMatrix#Trucs et astuces section or TypeMatrix USB-2030-B you can try to emulate a 106 keys keyboard.

layout order is important

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