Well, I'm a newbie. I installed 11.10, and set a number of things till perfection. Then I decided to make my OS "cool" by using ccsm, guess what??

"disappear they have"

symptoms: - I cant see the toolbar that used to be in the left;

  • Alt+F2 does not call the terminal;

  • Ctrl+Shift+N creates a folder in the desktop (I think it used to do something different);

  • The icons on the top-right disappear (all);

  • I can now see File, Edit, View, Go, Bookmarks, Help on the top left;

  • The change of workspaces shows like flipping the screen;

Sooo, I cannot get to the terminal to call ccsm and try to fix it! I tried login with a Guest user and things were much worst, the screen would have an od behavior with parts of it disappearing during use.

I can still login by choosing Ubuntu2D, where things look normal (but with no effects I think)

How can I get my normal Ubuntu (rather than Ubuntu 2d) to work again?

(not sure but I think whatever I did had something to do with me messing with "Ubuntu Unity Plugin")



Had the same issue today. Simply press Ctrl+Alt+T for terminal, then unity --reset. After that enter ccsm and switch the Unity plugin on. That did the trick for me as well.

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    In case Ctrl+Alt+T won't work, you can press Ctrl+Alt+F1, log in, and run (DISPLAY=:0.0 unity --reset &) and then go back to the desktop with Ctrl+Alt+F7. It's also noteworthy, that you will lose all your Compiz settings by resetting the Unity profile. – htorque Oct 22 '11 at 22:32

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