My scenario is:

Ubuntu Server 14 in a virtual machine created with Oracle VM VirtualBox

At the time of installation I chose "Multiple server install with MAAS"

Entire installation was very well executed.

Now I have a master Cluster with Accepted status. It has two interfaces: eth0 and eth0-ipv6-82309.

To edit the eth0 I see that he's selected Management "Unmanaged"

According to the documentation here so include other computers I need to change to DHCP and DNS. My problem is that if I do that it will conflict with my current rotiador.

Is there any way to do this or can not run on Virtual Box?

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I'm running VirtualBox right now to do testing. I use this:

eth0 (Network 1):  NAT
eth1 (Network 2): Host-network,

Then I setup eth1 as the managed interface, and boot other VirtualBox machines on the Host-network only interface. It's been working ok, minus errors I hit with the MAAS system itself.

Setup the Host network in the overall virtualbox preferences. That sets up a virtual interface on your computer under that IP address. Then you can communicate with your MAAS server and all the nodes in that subnet.

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