Or how I can start *.exe with wine in console?
Run with wine menu item gives such result:

nothing happens and no errors.
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    Open a Terminal where the Windows executable .exe file is and type "wine program_name.exe". You will see the Wine log in Terminal. – Cornelius Dec 9 '15 at 22:01

The wine run logs are hidden typically, they're not stored anywhere.

To get the Wine logs for a specific executable, you need to run it via the terminal with the wine command.

wine /path/to/program.exe

Note you need the full path here, or you need to first cd into the directory where the .exe is stored.


If you need error logs for an application that crashes with a graphics anomaly that leaves you unable to view the terminal output (as happened to me) simply redirect the output to a file that you can examine later as I did.

wine /path/to/program.exe > wine.error.log


If you want a log created every time you launch a program with wine alias can help you do this.

alias wine='wine 2>wine.error.log' will create a log in the directory where the executable is stored every time. The 2 specifies that stderr will be redirected to the log file specified. If for some reason you want to store this file where your other logs are kept (not recommended) you can adjust the output path accordingly as in alias wine='wine 2>/var/log/wine.error.log If you want to locate all the wine error logs so that you can review them find is useful for this:

find $HOME -iname *.error.log 2>/dev/null

This launches find starting in your home directory. the -iname switch tells it to ignore case (you could use -name instead which matches case but force of habit on my part) *.error.log is the filename we are looking for (you could use wine.error.log instead but I don't want to type that much.) And finally here >2/dev/null is redirecting stderr to the bit bucket (/dev/null) so that we ignore any "Permission denied" output we may have otherwise received.

Note: I have not tested this in scenarios where wine is launched with parameters other than just the program to be launched.

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