Not sure if I'm posting in the right place and how many of you will have knowledge of playonlinux and LoL crashing, but here is the bug I posted to the playonlinux site and I figured I'd repost here to hope for results.

Running Ubuntu 15.10, trying to install League of Legends through playonlinux (newest version, used apt-get playonlinux and apt-get wine)

The patcher/launcher crashes during part 2/2 (Updating) at roughly 60% each time.

Have tried configuring LoL with following wine versions:





none of which worked, patcher takes around 10 minutes to get from 33% to 60% then crashes.

crash says something about wine not working (can't remember exactly).

steps to reproduce:

download playonlinux

download LoL through playonlinux, choose wine version in configuration

follow install instructions

after finished installing, open patcher to let game download and patch

crashes at step 2/2 (Updating) at ~60%



So thats simple, the problem is you dont have installed the adobe air playonlinux component on your LoL instalation. I installed it this evening and voilà!! the installation successs the 60% and I've played a game 1 hour ago >:3

try this and good luck >:D

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