Just wanted to know if it is possible to play a video at the first boot, after installing with the OEM option? I have prepared a laptop for a friend, and would like to flash a little eye candy at the first boot :P - Hope someone can help!

Video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2if2K7gZpY


You can place a script in the /etc/init.d directory like such:


totem /path/to/file
sleep 120
# 120 is the number of seconds you think the video will run for
rm $0

Save this in say ~/welcome.sh.
chmod +x ~/welcome.sh
sudo cp ~/welcome.sh /etc/init.d/welcome.sh

/etc/init.d is the place where all startup scripts may be placed.
totem is the name of the default video player on Ubuntu.
rm $0 will remove the file we just wrote so that it runs only once.

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