After updating ATI drivers my Gnome 3 interface is gone. Gnome classic is loading instead.

Ubuntu 11.10 Unity along with Gnome 3 (however Unity went missing from the selection menu on login screen). Any help would be apreciated


I am new to Ubuntu and I also had problem using Gnome 3 shell under ATI driver. But i found a solution with AMD APP SDK Developer installation.


It is developer version but the difference from catalyst 11.11 & 11.12 is in fglrx. Its fglrx version is 8.93.10 while the others have 8.92. I no longer have any problem with Gnome 3 shell. But it adds an annoying "AMD Testing Use Only" logo to right bottom corner.

Hopefully it will fix all your gnome 3 problems....



There is a good solution where the default driver does not help.


sudo apt-get purge nvidia* solved the same problem for me (I have Intel integrated GPU in my PC, but oddly some NVIDIA packages were installed with an update).

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