I am running Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 with GNOME 3.18, and I have installed Glade 3.18 for GTK3 by compiling it from source.

So once I had unpacked the tarball in my home directory it told me that I needed to install gtk+-3.0, so I installed it with (it apparently also installed 111 other packages):

sudo apt-get install gtk+-3.0

I then ran:

cd ~/glade-3.18.3
make check
sudo make install

And although it claims to have installed itself correctly, when I launch it through the GUI nothing happens, and when I do so through Terminal I get this output and it exits:

glade: error while loading shared libraries: libgladeui-2.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So why am I getting this error? Have I done something wrong? And how do I fix it so that it launches and works properly?


So why am I getting this error?

You need libgladeui-2.so.6 (and probably other libraries) in order to run glade;

Quickly searching for libgladeui-2.so.6 using apt-file shows that it's contained in the package libgladeui-2-6:

% apt-file search libgladeui-2.so.6
libgladeui-2-6: /usr/lib/libgladeui-2.so.6
libgladeui-2-6: /usr/lib/libgladeui-2.so.6.1.3

However even installing the package you'll keep getting that error for each missing library until all the dependencies are fully satisfied, since you didn't install any dependency;

The quickest solution would be to install the dependencies for the version in the repositories:

sudo apt-get build-dep glade

And in 99% of the cases that will make the manually compiled version run immediately afterwards;

However bear in mind that using build-dep:

  • If the manually compiled version requires additional libraries, you'll have to install them manually (this might require compiling them in case they're not in the repositories);
  • If the version in the repositories requires additional libraries, additional libraries will be installed;
  • If the manually compiled version requires an updated version of some libraries, you'll have to update them manually (this will require compiling them).

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