When I load 400 pages of ODT document in Ubuntu 15.10 and Xubuntu 15.10, cpu usage becomes 31%. It is soffice.bin file. After editing, cpu usage becomes 50% (cpu0: 100%, cpu1: below 10% or vice versa) After saving that, it comes back to 31%. But it is still high.

BTW, Linux Mint XFCE latest version has no problem. Just below 10% usage. What's the problem? Isn't that almost same distro?

  • How much memory does your computer have, and what versions of Libreoffice are you using?
    – Wilf
    Dec 6, 2015 at 15:39

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Problem solved. Latest LO has problem while 4.4 version has no problem. I found mint xfce has LO 4.4. So I deleted LO 5.0 and installed old version in xubuntu. Problem solved. But developers should fix something for new version.

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