I need to convert 1000 files from .flv to mp4. I organized 10 folders with 100 items each. I have been using the following command in each file:

Root@root:~/1/2/3/4$ ffmpeg -i 1.flv -codec copy 1.mp4 ...(all the way through 100) Root@root:~/1/2/3/4$ ffmpeg -i 100.flv -codec copy 100.mp4 and So on.

It has been working perfectly. The mp4 items get converted in less than a second, but, I wanted to do the whole 100 items at once.

I appreciate the help.

for i in {1..100} ; do ffmpeg -i $i.flv -codec copy $i.mp4 ; done
  • It worked for 2 files, I just did what you suggested, I wanted to do two first to test. for i in {115..116} ; do ffmpeg -i $i.flv -codec copy $i.mp4 ; done. I will now to the other 702 that I have left. Thank you very much! – Ken Sandoval Dec 6 '15 at 1:58

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