On both machines I have

  • Desktop Sharing and
  • Remote Desktop Viewer (vinagre)

up and running. On both machines in Desktop Sharing Preferences I have enabled

  • Allow other users to view your desktop and
  • Allow other users to control your desktop

But almost nothing is working. The only thing that is working is that from the 14.04 machine's Remote Desktop Viewer I can see both of the machines on the network. Selecting the 12.04 machine results in a brief hang and then a "Connection closed" message. From the 12.04 machine I can't see any machines on the network from Remote Desktop Viewer so I can't even try to connect.

Any ideas how to start debugging this?


I've since moved on to a slightly different set up, but I believe I found the source of my problem, which turns out to be quite simple: The firewall on my host machine was set up to block almost all connections.

On the host machine I could see that the firewall was active by typing

sudo ufw status

To allow the remote desktop connection, I ran

sudo ufw allow from 192.168.1.[client] to 192.168.1.[host] port 5900

Then everything worked as advertised.

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