My problem is that my touchpad is actually a click pad (HP Envy 14 Beats) and lower 20% of it are split into right and left buttons.

On Windows before I used to have it like that: If I start my 2 finger action in the upper 80%, it is recognised as 2 finger scroll, but if I hold 1 finger on (for example) left button (finger is in the lower 20% to the left), then I can simply move the pointer around with my second finger in the upper 80%.

At the moment if i am touching the left button (touching clickpad in the bottom) and try to move the pointer, my action is recognised as 2 finger scroll.

Is there any way I could adjust the touchpad so that it would be same as on Windows before?

I searched a lot of internet for it and didn't find anything relevant, hence, please share a link if a solution to this problem already exists.

Thank you!

  • This is an issue with Ubuntu's touchpad drivers. As of now, there is no known fix. I have the same issue on my Dell Inspiron 5558. You may try synclient Clickpad=1, worked for some other people. – Ashhar Hasan Dec 5 '15 at 21:08

This issue has been fixed in a new version of xorg-synaptics. At least it has been fixed for me. Try Ubuntu 15.10 or install a HWE to 14.04.

Also libinput can be used instead of xorg-synaptics. See this question.

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  • and what do i do next once I have HWE on my 14.04 machine? – Van4es Dec 5 '15 at 23:49

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