I am running Ubuntu 14.04 and Magento website in my Local System.

Now I have a module directory in which I want to replace every occurrence of "Magento\Module" with "MyCompany\Module" in all files inside this current folder and it's sub-directories recursively ofcourse, but I guess it's not working due to "\" are there in my search and replace string.

I have already tried:

find ./ -type f -readable -writable -exec sed -i "s/Magento\\Module/MyCompany\\Module/g" {} \;

But it doesn't work at all.

Please help anyone, it's urgent.


The shell is likely consuming one of the escapes:

$ echo sed "s/Magento\\Module/MyCompany\\Module/g"
sed s/Magento\Module/MyCompany\Module/g

So either add an additional escape or single-quote the entire expression:

$ echo sed "s/Magento\\\Module/MyCompany\\\Module/g"
sed s/Magento\\Module/MyCompany\\Module/g

$ echo sed 's/Magento\\Module/MyCompany\\Module/g'
sed s/Magento\\Module/MyCompany\\Module/g

Testing it:

$ echo 'every occurrence of "Magento\Module"' | sed 's/Magento\\Module/MyCompany\\Module/g'
every occurrence of "MyCompany\Module"
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  • @steeldriver Thanks your anwser is working perfectly, can you let me know how to replace directory names as well in this command itself along with filenames ? – Vicky Dev Dec 7 '15 at 9:36
  • @VickyDev can you edit your question to include examples? – steeldriver Dec 7 '15 at 12:46

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