I have downloaded the offline installer for Qt 5.5.1 for Linux 64-bit. Whenever QT Creator starts, an error message appears saying that the Help cannot be loaded.

QT/Tools/QtCreator/lib/qtcreator/plugins/libHelp.so: (libgstapp-0.10.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

QT Error Message

How can I get the help files? My system is 64bit Ubuntu 15.10.

  • Did you try playing around with Help > About Plugins? – Akiva Dec 12 '15 at 20:21
  • 1
    @Akiva Yes. In About Plugins, the Help file has an red x. I tried disabling and enabling it. It does not work. As well, the libHelp.so file is in the folder that it supposed to be in. – GSM-S Dec 17 '15 at 14:09
  • Is there a reason why you need the offline installer for Qt 5? Are you using Qt Creator or the Ubuntu SDK? – Akiva Dec 17 '15 at 14:12
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    I prefer offline installers in order to quickly reinstall programs on other computers. I am using the QT Creator that came with the offline installer. – GSM-S Dec 18 '15 at 20:40
  • Trying the SDK via the online installer wouldn't be a solution then for you, right? The only time I ever build from source is when I'm developing a plugin for it. – Akiva Dec 20 '15 at 11:00

Install some possibly required gstreamer-plugins using this command:

sudo apt-get install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 
  • This solution also works for Ubuntu 16.04 and Qt Creator 3.5.1 (opensource) Based on Qt 5.5.1. – Barracuda Sep 6 '17 at 20:07

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