I would like to display from the command line an image in full-screen. I tried to use xli with the following command :

xli -onroot -fullscreen logo.gif 

But it does not display anything. And when I run the following command:

xli -fullscreen logo.gif 

It does display the image in a window which is as big as the screen, but I would like to see the image only (like a wallpaper) Thank you in advance for your help.


Ubuntu by default comes with Eye of Gnome , with has -f or --fullscreen flag

Run the command as such eog --fullscreen myImage.png or eog -f myImage.png


You could use pqiv, a simple image viewer inspired by qiv.

At first install it:

sudo apt-get install pqiv

To view an image in fullscreen mode:

pqiv --fullscreen PATHTO/image

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