Gnome Builder is a IDE for gtk development, how can I install it on Ubuntu Gnome?



In order to install it you will need to add the gnome3 and gnome3-staging PPAs with (you will need to run these commands in Terminal, to launch Terminal press: CTRL + ALT + T):

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3
sudo apt-get update

Then run (to avoid problems):

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

And finally to install the package gnome-builder you will need to run (though you may want to restart your system after upgrading your system with the previous command):

sudo apt-get install gnome-builder

This is because the gnome-builder is only available in GNOME Shell 3.16 and above, however because of how Ubuntu GNOME is packaged it is currently not available in the repositories and only if you get these PPAs.

Though for this to work you will need to be on Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 as it will upgrade you to the next stable GNOME Shell version available to your system, and for 15.10 that is GNOME Shell 3.18.


If you would prefer to use the GUI rather than Terminal though, search for Software & Updates in the Activities Overview:

enter image description here

Then go to the Other Software tab:

enter image description here

Click Add...:

enter image description here

Then enter deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome3-team/gnome3/ubuntu wily main, press Add Source, enter your password if prompted, then click Add..., and do the same for deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome3-team/gnome3-staging/ubuntu wily main:

enter image description here

After you then close the Software & Updates window it will ask you if you want to reload your sources or something like that, say you do. After that you will need to upgrade your system by launching the Software Updater:

enter image description here

And updating all the packages it tells you upgrades are available for.

Once you have done that you may need to restart your system. And then you will be able to find the gnome-builder in the Ubuntu Software Center:

enter image description here

Which you can install by searching for it and then clicking the Install button, entering your password if prompt:

enter image description here

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Gnome Builder should be available for 3.16+. However due to the way Ubuntu GNOME is packaged you can't get it from the repos currently, and the only available build seems to be for Gnome Builder 3.18 for Wily, as currently the 3.16 build appears to have failed (from here):

enter image description here.

You can get packages for Ubuntu, but for now atleast you need to be using Wily 15.10 with this PPA - if the builds for 3.16 work this should work on on 15.04 as well. To add the PPAs:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3
sudo apt-get update

Please note if you try to install just gnome-builder, it will likely to install some other aspects of the GNOME 3.18 (on 15.10), which is stable generally but not mainstream for Ubuntu yet, and can also break the default Unity desktop (should be fine if you want GNOME 3.18). It also may work better to upgrade GNOME completely as well when installing it:

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell gnome-session gnome-builder

From the PPA page:

  • You need to run 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' to avoid problems. Please read the output before entering 'Y' to make sure important packages won't be removed.

You should also be able to install other Gnome Apps as well. Please note that not all may be at the 3.18 version yet.

There are other means of getting newer Gnome packages - you could try building the 3.16 version of Builder from source though. (it may fail, you may need to modify stuff to make it work, if you examine the current builds it may be possible to find what is wrong and patch it). There are also other PPAs you can use (example).

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  • @ParanoidPanda - Often with the Gnome PPA something in Unity breaks, so if the OP wants to use Gnome Builder + Unity it may have problems. Also only a build of Gnome Builder 3.18 for Wily seems to be available, though from source you can get it for 3.15/3.16 onwards
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#1 Using Gnome's JHBuild

First download and install JHBuild

sudo apt-get install apt-file docbook-xsl build-essential git-core gettext
sudo apt-file update

git clone git://git.gnome.org/jhbuild.git
cd jhbuild
./autogen.sh --simple-install
make install

Then build and compile gnome-builder, along with all its latest dependencies:

jhbuild build gnome-builder
jhbuild run gnome-builder

The advantage here is that you don't have to deal with any external PPAs. All the required modules are built in a sandbox environment.

#2 Compile From Source

Download and extract the source.tar.gz file

./configure to find missing dependencies

You should manually resolve and install all required dependencies before you could compile.

Then run make to compile

Then sudo checkinstall

When checkinstall is used, you could simply uninstall by running, sudo dpkg -r gnome-builder

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