I had a 15.04 system where the window manager decorations disappeared after I installed Nvidia drivers. I removed and purged them, but the decorations never came back.

So I reinstalled to 14.04, hoping this would fix things. With 14.04 and Nouveau, things worked fine, but when I mounted my /home disk from the old system, the window decorations disappeared again. I tried renaming .cache/compizconfig-1/, and then .cache/ but neither did anything. Where is the offending file?

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Compiz in Ubuntu uses by default the dconf setting backend. The user data are stored in ~/.config/dconf/user

$ file  ~/.config/dconf/user 
/home/username/.config/dconf/user: GVariant Database file, version 0

Better to copy that file from the new system home if you want to keep same user settings. If not or it doesn't work, remove it.

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