When I log in to my digital ocean image, I see this information appearing.

Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-57-generic x86_64)

  • Documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/

    System information as of Sat Nov 28 11:16:20 SGT 2015

    System load: 0.09 Processes: 74 Usage of /: 11.7% of 19.56GB Users logged in: 0 Memory usage: 39%
    IP address for eth0: XX.XX.XX.XX Swap usage: 0%

    Graph this data and manage this system at: https://landscape.canonical.com/

Which command-line, if any, should I use to make this information appear?

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The actual messages displayed are stored in /etc/update-motd.d, where motd means message-of-the-day.

If we're looking at getting that information separately, there's several commands you can employ. The rest - just parsing those commands into pretty output with awk or even tr

  • lsb_release -a will tell you the type and version of system you have
  • df -h /dev/sda1 will tell you usage for your disk. /dev/sda1 can be changed to whatever partition your Ubuntu is on.
  • ip addr show eth0 or ifconfig eth0 will show you the IP address
  • uptime will tell you number of users logged in and load average
  • free will tell you swap and overall memory usage

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