Is it possible to use the US International keyboard layout without dead keys? So, I'd like to get an ä when I type Right Alt+q, but "a when I type "+a.


I just came around this thread having the same problem. I noticed in Ubuntu 16.04 the layout to achieve this is called English (international with AltGr dead keys). So without the "US". This made me missing the option in the first place, so I hope this info is useful for others who want to achieve this particular behavior.


The keyboard layout you want is English US International with AltGr Dead Keys. It types as a normal US keyboard generally, but you can hold down the right Alt key to get accented characters and dead keys.

(Or at least, normally that works. On my 16.04 installation, the dead keys only work outside of the X11 environment. :( But hopefully on yours everything works fine.)


On installs of Ubuntu 14 and 16 atleast:

  1. Go to taskbar --> Find En or something like that based on the keyboard you have chosen

  2. Text Entry settings

  3. add English (international with AltGr dead keys)

    • I wanted only euros so there is also a keyboard for that: English (US, with Euro on 5)

You can alter the keyboards at will with Super(windows key) + space

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