If I type in a command it is preserved in history, but If I copy and paste a command from other place it is not preserved in history which is annoying if I have to run it again.

I think this happens whatever working environment I'm in, but currently in case it makes a difference I;m connecting to a remote Ubuntu machine via Putty on a Windows machine, and pasting commands from a text document on Windows.


There should be no difference between a copy-and-pasted command and a typed one. However, if you start a command line with a space, that command is not saved into the history. It's quite easy when copying and pasting to accidentally put a space at the beginning.

  • Thanks I think youve cracked it, my commands are in a text file and indented for readability so often there is a leading space or two. – Paul Taylor Nov 26 '15 at 12:06

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