I have a working ffmpeg command to combine an audio/video file with an audio file, and I am now trying to perform the same operation using avconv on Ubuntu 14.04. My ffmpeg command requires the use of the complex filter adelay:

ffmpeg \
-i video_and_audio.webm \
-i audio_only.webm \
-c:v copy \
-filter_complex '[1:a] adelay=2500|2500 [delayed]; [0:a] [delayed] amix [out]' \
-map 0:v \
-map '[out]' \

Unfortunately this is a case where avconv and ffmpeg have different behavior; calling avconv with the same arguments produces this error:

[AVFilterGraph @ 0x1426ca0] No such filter: 'adelay' Error configuring filters.

Is there an avconv equivalent to this? Or do I need to install ffmpeg?


Is there an avconv equivalent to adelay?

No. They haven't redesigned that wheel yet (NIH syndrome).

See the rather short list of avconv audio filters.

Or do I need to install ffmpeg?

That is what I recommend. It's easy and you have several options (from easiest to hardest):

Using the static build

You can use the static build like this (assuming it is in the Downloads directory):

/home/mattm/Downloads/ffmpeg -i input ...


~/Downloads/ffmpeg -i input ...

or to make it "just work" by just entering ffmpeg from anywhere you can add it to a directory that is included in your PATH environmental variable:

mkdir ~/bin
mv ~/Downloads/ffmpeg ~/bin
hash -r ffmpeg
. ~/.profile

To undo:

rm ~/bin/ffmpeg
hash -r ffmpeg

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