I have switched my email client to mutt. Currently, I have a pull-workflow, meaning I have to check regularly if new mails have arrived. As email is a communication tool I barely use (or even avoid to use), I have a tendency to not know about emails, which is bad.

This is why I would to get desktop notifications when new mails arrive matching a pattern. I also don't want to use a different mail client, like Thunderbird, I want to use mutt or maybe some other only for this purpose.

Is there a way I can configure mutt to run regularly and issue a desktop notification?


I know this is a 1-year old question, but aside from hacking a script to run mutt, you could just get some third-party app that checks your mail for you.

I use Mail Notification and I've been enjoying it, don't have to rely so much on my tablets informing me of mail.


One way to do this is to use offlineimap and then check the folders for new files (a new email in your inbox corresponds to a new file in the inbox folder). I would also highly recommend this if you do not check your email often because this way you can do everything very fast. The process is: download all your emails, and then process them fast (because they are already on your computer so mutt does not need to download everytime you open an email).

I recommend offlineimap + mutt-kz + notmuch. Your life will be so simple and happy.

  • This is a broad outline. It would be even more helpful if it includes the very steps until one gets email notifications. – k0pernikus Feb 4 '16 at 9:48
  • @k0pernikus agreed. I think it is somewhere in-between a comment and an answer. I hope that it at least gets you started. – Xu Wang Feb 4 '16 at 18:59

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