I am running on Ubuntu 14.04 x64, and I've just installed FontAwesome - firstly by running install on the ttf file, which I grabbed from http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/; and secondly by discovering it's in the repo and running:

sudo apt-get install fonts-font-awesome

Opening the font viewer I can see the fonts:

FontAwesome in Font Viewer

However, when I open the character map, I don't see them:

FontAwesome in Character Map with Latin Script

Should I be selecting any particular Script? I skimmed down the list to see if I can get to see the FontAwesome icons, but nothing jumped out at me.

What I am after is to find the unicode character code for particular icons. I know FontAwesome has a cheat sheet with the unicode's: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/cheatsheet/, however, I'd like to be able to determine the codes from my system.

Another example is font-mfizz, which doesn't offer a similar cheat sheet (at least from what I can tell). I did however find that submitting the woff font - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DanBrooker/file-icons/master/resources/fonts/font-mfizz.woff - to the site http://www.pkmurphy.com.au/glyphviewer is able to print out the code points:

font-mfizz code points

Is this glyphviewer tool my best option?


You can use Character Map. Select the font and select Character Details

Character Map > Character Details

To find your character, use the view View > By Unicode Block. In All you have a very large list and in this list, you should find your character. But the font has 10FFFF (111411210) characters. Without knowing the code, it's a little bit hard to find your needed character.

You can also filter it out so it only displays the glyphs/icons specific to this font. Go to View > Show only glyphs from this font.

view menu in Character Map

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  • Thanks for the tip on switching to Unicode Block - exactly what I want. – trent Nov 20 '15 at 10:16
  • You mean the penguin? – A.B. Nov 20 '15 at 10:17
  • 1
    I have three different Awesome fonts in my system, perhaps that's the reason. – A.B. Nov 20 '15 at 10:18
  • Sorry... I noticed your screenshot is slightly different to the one I see, hence the different code. – trent Nov 20 '15 at 10:18
  • 1
    @trent thanks for the edit, It's a great improvement. :) – A.B. Nov 20 '15 at 10:30

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