I like Byobu but I want use it in virtual console only (ctrl+alt+fx). How to disable Byobu in Gnome Terminal? Byobu is enabled via .profile file.


Byobu does have such setting to be launched in automatically in virtual consoles , aka tty . You have to login to any tty , launch byobu and then press F9 to toggle launching at login

enter image description here

However, personally I'd opt in for a scripting method, where you create a function at the top of the .bashrc

function testTTY
  isTTY=$(tty | awk '{if ($0~/\/dev\/tty.*/) {print "true"}else{print "false"}}')

  if [ $isTTY == "true" ]; then

And call that function somewhere at the bottom of the .bashrc

Also, examine, your .profile to remove any other automatic launching of byobu in gui terminals

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