On every startup on Ubuntu 11.10, I have to open terminal and enter alsamixer to turn speaker volume up to get sound. Is there a way to lock this in so I don't have to keep opening the terminal.

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There seem to be some problem in the interaction of Alsa and PulseAudio. So usually there are two options to work around:

  1. Deinstall PulseAudio: If you deinstall PulseAudio you will have normal working sound at every startup. However most user find PulseAudio very convenient. So this might not what you want.
  2. Change Audio Settings: Open gnome-volume-control (Alt+F2 and enter gnome-volume-control or System -> Preferences -> Sound). Look at the tab Hardware and check if the correct soundcard is configured. Below is a menu called Profile. Try different profiles and see if they work. It is hard to say what is the correct option for you. A forum post suggested "Analog Surround 5.1", but it depends from your soundcard. If you chosse the correct version, sound settings are the same on each reboot.

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